Ethnic groups, subgroups, social groups in Northeastern Africa (Selection)

  1. Tigrinnya-speakers (Tigray, Ethiopia / Eritrea)

  2. Bilén (Eritrea)

  3. Tigre (Eritrea)

  4. Afar (Ethiopia / Eritrea / Djibouti)

  5. Oromo (Ethiopia)

  6. Ch’aré (Ethiopia)

  7. Ethnic groups and subgroups in Western Ethiopia

  8. Cultural Anthropology in Northeastern Africa – General

Northeastern Africa in the 19th to 20th centuries (Selection)

  1. Modern Political History of Ethiopia: Encyclopaedia Articles

  2. Missionary History, Missionary Sources

Political Anthropology and Contemporary Issues (Selection)

  1. Monographs

  2. Articles

History of International Relations of Ethiopia (Selection)

  1. Monograph

  2. Articles

Heritage Sites in Northeastern Africa and Ancient History (Selection)

Editions of Historical Sources

Biographies in Northeastern Africa

  1. Groups of Actors

  2. Individual Biographies

  3. Travellers, geographers, explorers, early anthropologists

Tigray / Ethiopia: Ethnography and History (Selection)

  1. Towns in Tigray

Eritrea: Ethnography and History

  1. Towns in Eritrea

Northern Sudan: Ethnography and History (Selection)

Djibouti / Somalia: Ethnography and History (Selection)

Iconographic Heritage, Photography of Northeastern Africa (Selection)

  1. Monograph

  2. Articles

History of Social Anthropology, History of Research and Imagination of Africa (Selection)

  1. Monograph

  2. Articles

Encyclopaedia Articles on the History of Exploration and Research in Africa

Biographies in European Religious and Regional History (16th-19th Centuries) (Selection)


Articles in Newspapers and Magazines (Selection)